Forwarding on Gates (FoG)


FoG is a new ‘edge-based’ architecture for the Future Internet. This project will provide an open-source proof-of-concept implementation and show its advantages in contrast to the current Internet.

Objectives for the Future Internet architecture

  • Enable dynamic function injection in a network
  • Reduce the management complexity
  • Bridging connection oriented and connectionless
  • Interoperating with current Internet

Innovations shown by the project

  • 'Edge-based' approach in contrast to the common 'node-based' of today's Internet
  • Forward plane with interconnected functional blocks called 'Gates'
  • Incremental routing based on network policies and QoS
  • Universal management framework for network and services

Validation and demonstration

  • Simulation with distributed event simulator
  • Linux implementation
  • Large scenarios in G-Lab's experimental facility
  • Comparison with other approaches