Ener-G: Improving the Sustainability of G-Lab Through Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Exploration of energy-efficient operation of the Future Internet and extension of G-Lab with aspects of energy efficiency
    • Energy-aware virtualization and consolidation of communication and computation resources
    • Energy-aware communication and application layer services
      • SOA based application and network layer services and their composition
    • Autonomous and energy-efficient management of virtual and physical resources based on energy-aware monitoring and energy consumption models
  • Energy-efficient infrastructure initiative
    • New energy-efficient node in University of Passau with future energy-efficiency features
    • Measurement and monitoring of energy efficiency using precise tools like power analyzer, temperature sensors, and applying energy efficiency benchmarks like SPECpower_ssj2008
  • Benefits
    • Increased sustainability of G-Lab and reduction of operational costs
    • Strengthening the position of G-Lab in the area of Future Internet with regard to energy efficiency