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G-Lab Statusseminar on July 28th and July 29th in Würzburg

G-Lab Statusseminar in cooperation with the EuroView

9th Würzburg Workshop on IP:
Joint ITG and EuroNF Workshop
"Visions of Future Generation Networks"

July 27th - July 28th 2009
Würzburg, Germany

Invited talks by

  • Chip Elliott (project director of GENI)
  • Hisashi Kobayashi (Prof. Emeritus Princeton University, executive advisor NICT)

G-Lab Statusseminar will take place on July 28th in form of

  • 2 G-Lab Sessions with 8 talks in total
  • G-Lab Demo Sessions with about 8 demos

An internal G-Lab meeting will be held on July 29th.